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By | August 18, 2012

Duplicate the screen from your Android on a PC monitor

android on a pcYou may need to duplicate in real time the screen output from your Android on a PC monitor. As an example, you may want to capture a certain task inside your Android and create a tutorial or even project it into a big screen as part of an Android presentation. If you are in the need of viewing your Android on a PC screen, you can do it by hooking up your Android device through an USB cable into your PC and use a nifty little utility called Android Screen monitor.

Requirements for viewing your Android on a PC monitor

 Sorrily  enough, upon inspecting the Android Screen Monitor homepage, we find out that the instructions to manage the real time display of your Android on a PC screen are not for the computer illiterates:

In order to successfully view your Android on a PC monitor you will need to follow these steps:

  1.  Install  JAVA JRE (JDK) version 5 or 6 into your PC and set a path for it into the java bin directory.
  2. You will also need to install the Android SDK itself -another time and space consuming donwload and installation process- and set a path into sdk tools and platform-tools directory.
  3. Download the actual Android Screen Monitor.
  4. Ensure your Android device is plugged into your computer through the USB cable
  5. Open a CMD window and run the following command: java -jar asm.jar in order to run that java program.
  6. Select your Android device from the eventual list of android devices you may have connected into your PC (we asume you will only have one, but if you got more than one, you will need to specifically select the one that you want to bring it’s Android screen into your PC).

You will then be able to view your Android on a PC monitor.

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