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VIA ARM DS Android on PCYet again VIA surprises us with their VIA ARM DS System,  a new Android PC hardware product. VIA seems to placing a solid first foot into this new market niche for Android PC solutions.

VIA ARM DS and Android PC Market niche

A month or so ago VIA announced the imminent availability of their APC (Android PC) motherboard, in neo-ITC form factor. Later on, VIA announced that they pre-sold their whole first batch of their APC product, marking the eagerness of the consumer market for an Android PC motherboard.

Now they present us into their VIA ARM DS system, which seems to be a revamped APC Motherboard, inside a very compact case. It is not available for sale, yet, as it has just been announced, by some nice specifications are already available for the VIA ARM DS system on VIA website:

VIA ARM DS specifications

 The VIA ARM DS is an all-in-one system designed for running Android OS. Includes a standard ARM 9 “system on a chip” solution. It is cased in a very small form factor which can be placed in a stand-up position thus using very little space on your desk. The VIA ARM DS is powered also by an video accelerator capable of coping with 1080p resolutions, 64GB of NAND Flash memory for storage and up to 2gb DDR3 SDRAM.

I/O Ports on the VIA ARM DS

The VIA ARM DS includes four USB 2.0 ports, one 10/100 ethernet port, audio IN / OUT and a DVI-D display port, which can be easily converted into an HDMI port.

To sum it up, the VIA ARM DS is a very nice Android PC system. The downside will be -we suppose- it’s pricing, which remains to be announced. How much would be a fair price for you ? We would say about U$S 100 or less. Hopefully VIA surprises us with a nice price tag for the VIA ARM DS.

3 thoughts on “VIA ARM DS Android PC

  1. Tsao

    The ■via apc case link back to
    VIA ARM DS Android PC
    actually these are two different products. APC should be link to, which this is the correct link.

    1. Android on PC Post author

      Hi Tsao! Thanks for the APC motherboard website link. Anyway, as I read and understand the article above here, it only comments on the APC motherboards as a reference for that earlier VIA -Android Approach, which had the first batch sold out. This reference is there only to give a better frame for this second VIA release, the VIA ARM DS (which is the Android micro PC depicted in this article).

      If you follow the link about the APC Motherboards on our first paragraph, it is only linking into an earlier post from us, which shows actually the APC motherboard, over here: which is the one you are posting the oficial link.


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