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By | July 18, 2013

This Tiny PC may be what you need!

This tiny PC is a new Android on PC called Utilite from the Israel based Compulab company. Available since Early August 2013, this Tiny PC is tagged with a starting price below the 100 USD, which sounds quite right. The Utilite size is about 14 cm x 8 cm x 2cm, hence the tiny PC  motto.

The Utilite tiny PC will deliver a PC-like performance for everyday social computing, while also capable of plenty multimedia tricks due to its graphics processor. Most interestingly, the Utilite is fully open sourced, and allows not only to run Android operative system, but also runs Ubuntu Linux.

Tiny PC Utilite

What’s inside the Tiny PC Utilite

The Utilite tiny PC comes in a variety of flavors, starting with its main processor. The lowest cost model will include a single core processor. The pimped up one will include a quad core processor (ARM Cortex A9 CPU). Same with ram, you will get options up to 4gb of ram to crunch your apps and games.

The video output is 1080p, as expected. On the storage side, you will also be able to opt either for a solid state drive, up to 512 Gb or go with the more mundane option of a removable microSD card (up to 128gb). Other ports included are four USB 2.0 ports and even a DVI-I video port. You will also find two ethernet ports, which is kind of interesting for certain applications (firewall ? NAT ? packet inspection ?). Inside the Utilite you will also find the mandatory WIFI network adapter, along with Bluetooth. To round it up, this tiny PC is capable of accommodating your every-day computing needs!

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