S21H Android Stick PC

By | January 1, 2013

S21H Android Stick is a nice surprise for Android on PC

Fear not, the S21H Android Stick is here to give you more! Things’ve been very quiet on the Android on PC and Android PC sticks arena lately as specs managed to keep around the sweet spot of the 1gb RAM / dual Core processor and the usual I/O options. But then we hear ¬†about a new stick on town: S21H Android Stick!

S21H Android Stick

At simple view, it seems to be packaged in a slim sleek brownish aluminium casing reminiscent of an Apple TV remote control. Nice and smart enough, even when viewed from the heat dissipation angle. ¬†Then it’s specs jump at us with the big differentiator: The S21H Android Stick comes with twice the RAM as the older Android Sticks on the market. It includes 2Gb of RAM!. This makes us shiver thinking of the price, but then again fear not, the S21H Android Stick has a 70 USD price tag, which is about the same as competition.

S21H Android Stick Specs

The usual stuff is included in the S21H Android Stick including WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and bluetooth network connectivity. On the processor side, a dual core A9 Cortex will churn your data efficiently, and it will be output through an HDMI connector, located at one end of the S21H Stick allowing you to plug it directly into your TV / Monitor Set. The S21H Android Stick also includes a full size USB 2.0 Port and a microSD expansion card slot, although it includes 8gb of internal Flash memory for your initial storage needs.

The S21H Android Stick comes with Android Jelly Bean installed, which is a nice option as it is the newest Android Operative System Version out there, at the time of this writing.

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