Hard Reset Android on PC

By | May 11, 2012

Hard reset Android on PC

Hard reset Android on PCYou may want to hard reset your Android into its factory default. This will erase all your data, including messages, configurations, installed games and applications. The easiest way of performing a hard reset would be  to use the Hard reset option included inside Android itself. We will present you with some steps explaining the whole procedure:

howto: Android hard reset

  1. While your Android on PC is running, first go to its home screen.
  2. Once there, press the “SETTINGS” button. This will bring up the settings menu.
  3. Inside this menu you will find an option labeled “PRIVACY“, “SECURITY” or even “CONFIDENTIALITY” (it depends on the Android version, but the idea it conveys is clear enough).
  4. Press it and a new menu will appear. It will include the hard reset option (or it actually will be the ONLY option available in there, depending again of each Android version particulars). This option will be labeled “FACTORY RESTORE” (or similar, same idea).
  5. Yo tap over “FACTORY RESTORE” and a final screen will appear, asking you to confirm that you want to perform a Hard Reset. It may include the option to also format the available  sdcard -if there is one-.  If such option does not exists, never mind. If such option is there,  and you have no sdcard on your system, it may prove safe to click it off.

You will be able to perform a hard reset by following these simple steps, not only on your Android on PC, but on any Android based phone and tablet.

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