Quad Core mini PC

By | June 17, 2013

Next generation Quad Core mini pc is here

It was only logical for the next generation Android on PC, the Quad Core mini PC batch  to emerge sometime around the first half of year 2013. This is possible given the availability of suitable CPUs like the Rockchip RK3188. This new Rockchip includes the added benefit of also being capable of running linux, something that many fervently geeks desired: A quad core mini PC, USB stick sized, with 4 cores ? Dream come true!.

qc802 Android Quad Core mini PC

The Linux flavor that has been tailored for RK3188 processor is Ubuntu, and was first tested on yet another Android on a Stick including the RK3188 processor: The MK802 IV mini PC, which we should be reviewing in a couple of days.This first Android on a Stick with RK3188 Quad Core processor is the QC802 model, with a starting price of USD 62, which sounds about right. About the hardware, it’s cased in a rather generous enclosing, and includes some nice specs:


Specs on the QC802 Quad Core mini PC

The QC802 Quad core mini PC includes 2 Gb of ram in order to execute any apps and game you may throw at it. It also includes 8 Gb. of flash ram for storage purposes. The RK3188 processor is a Cortex A9 chip running at 1.6 Ghz and has been paired with an ARM Mali 400MP4 GPU for appropriate graphics processing power. The included operative system is the Android Jelly Bean 4.2.

This Quad core mini PC also includes  a microSD slot for even more storage space, wifi and bluetooth an HDMI port out and an OTG USB 2.0 for expansion purposes. It also includes a micro USB port that is able to power the device when hooked into a suitable powered usb source. This Android based Quad Core mini PC is certainly a very capable computer-in-a-pocket.

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