Android on a Stick Kimdecent T10

By | September 25, 2012

Kimdecent T10 with Android Jelly Bean

The new KIMDECENT T10 is another Android mini PC based on the RK3066 dual core processor. Kimdecent T10 release includes the novelty of Android 4.1 (nicknamed Jelly Bean) as an interesting differentiating factor on the ever expanding land of the Android mini PCs. For the rest of Kimdecent T10 specs is, well … “more of the same”. But sure enough, Android 4.1 can be a key factor in your search for the best Android on a stick solution.

Kimdecent T10

Kimdecent T10 also includes another goodie: It comes with Adobe Flash Player 11.1 preinstalled. This is a rather interesting addition, given the commitment from Adobe and Google to erradicate such oldish piece of software from Android 4.x onwards. It is also to be noted that Google Play Store is thrown into the deal too.

Kimdecent T10 Hardware specs

Kimdecent T10 is powered by RK3066 Cortex A9 dual core CPU running at 1.6 Ghz coupled with a quad core Mali400 GPU clocked at 400Mhz. It includes 1Gb. of RAM and 8Gb. of flash memory for storage. On the Connectivity side you get  one host USB port, one OTG USB port and an HDMI port. For network connectivity, Kimdecent T10 includes an 802.11 b/g/n WiFi Adapter.

Suming it up, Kimdecent T10 may prove to be an excellent video streamer / player, provided that it can cope with the heating it produces, which might be dismissed as a negative factor after some real life testing, as usual.


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