Intel’s quest about Android on PC

By | September 19, 2013

By now it is evident that the global market is finally accepting the concept of Android on PC desktop, as yet another hardware flavor for Google’s operative system.

Main brands, like Acer, Dell, Asus, etc. are steadily jumping into the Android on PC wagon with their All-in-One PC and overhauled big tablets running the internet-centric OS from Google.

Yes we know, right now, this is yet a rather lazy, ongoing development, but it certainly  looks promising under our eyes. There may be quite an upwards jump in  the near future, as you probably read about it: Rumor has it that tablets are going to outsell PCs in the near future -as early as within a year-.

This will probably close the gap between Android and your desktop computing experience, coming into therms on a middle-ground, full of AIO and big Tablets which will allow the common user to share the same apps, games and internet experience through the mobile and desktop scape.

But then again there is a very obvious “someone”  lagging behind, on the verge of this interestingly massive, dawning niche.

Intel is kind of running from behind

Intel seems to be a bit  slow on planting their feet on the mobile-ish Android on PC concept. Why ? Well, in our opinion, Intel might be suffering from a lack of enthusiasm, as the result of their feeble early experience, when the first smartphones where born (smartphones 1.0 Era, we shall call it).

We are talking about Microsoft  Windows CE and Windows Phone OS, Symbian OS, Palm OS, etc. Intel did take some baby steps at that time; We recall their PXA250 and PXA270 processors, mainly used for running Windows CE / Phone and even some Linux mobile phones and mini-tablets like the Sharp Zaurus PDA / tablets.

That early smart mobile world so ninety-ish, 2oth century era, is beyond dead now and certainly Intel was part of that process. Now it seems that extra caution is the rule on the smart mobile path, for such a big structured company. Maybe new Smartphone 2.0 Era opportunity is being distilled with a bureocratic rancor, even.

Android compiled for Intel, Intel designed for Android

INTEL ON ANDROIDSadly enough (for Intel) early attempts of introducing Intel to the “Android experience” where made “from the outside”, with projects like Android x68 porting to standard intel processors.

But then, in this last two years, the giant Intel seems to be finally awaken and in motion, first officially sanctioning an in-house porting of Android to their processors family and now suggesting their newest “system on a chip” products, mainly based on dual core Celeron’s and Pentium processors and HD graphics. While at it they are actually throwing in USB 3.0, SATA 3 and PCI Express 2.0 I/O capabilities.

So it is fair to expect a flow of Intel based all-in-one and smart monitors, Android wised, by 2014 and beyond. Problem at this time might be that Intel processors is quite different from ARM based processors, which are the core of almost every actual Android device nowadays. In case you are wondering, the apps and games need to be specifically compiled for Intel processors. This means, specially at early times, a severely diminished apps and games availability. Time will tell…

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