Chromium OS, Android on PC Alternative

By | May 1, 2012

A no-brainer alternative to Android on PC

chromium os as an alternative to Android on PCSome years ago, right after Android first waves of success over the mobile world, an encouraged Google announced yet another OS, a sort of Android on PC,  meant for desktop computers. Google focused on bravely jumping into the mature market of home computing OS by introducing an open sourced free OS called Chromium OS. Their aim was to get their foot into the desktop OS market door, fueled by their ongoing success with Android.

Not quite an Android on PC, really

This Chromium OS was intended for netbooks, notebooks and even PC, and it was focused solely on one task:  Internet browsing access. It shall be pictured as a bootable version of Google Chrome web navigator, including Flash support, with ultra fast booting time and very small footprint.

It took Google a couple of years to get their act together on their alternative to Android on PC,  finally announcing it’s availability through select notebooks and netbooks, whose brands jumped into the Chromium idea by early 2011 … only to find a lack of sales, which in turn made the whole business to backpedal a lot. The brands supporting  Chromium OS notebooks, called actually Chromebooks are Acer and Samsung. And -in my opinion- they will end up discontinuing their Chromebooks line of products any time from now.

Anyway, mainly through the work of some brainy enthusiasts, given that Chromium OS is opensourced, this late project of Google  is  available to you even if you don’t have a Chromebook:  If you are looking to get Android on PC with the only purpose of web navigation, then this alternative might be just right for you.

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