Andy, a modern Android Emulator

By | June 6, 2015

If you want to run Android on your PC, including your favorite Android games and apps on either your Mac or your Windows based PC, then you should try Andy, the Android emulator.

Andy Android EmulatorAccording to their website, Andy is robust, fully featured Android emulation software that will allow you to install and run your usual Android Apps on your PC, even the difficult ones, like Whatsapp.

Andy emulator includes full support for ARM processors (the vast majority of Android devices out there are fueled by ARM based processors), hence all your favorite apps will run perfectly well. Just in case, Andy is also compatible with apps compiled for INTEL x86 processors.

Andy Android Emulator features

Andy Android emulator includes several amazing features that you’ll love:

You can use your Android device as a wireless gamepad or joystick. Once coupled, It will send your input including the gyroscope and accelerator data which means that you will be able to play your favorite games on your computer at blazing speed, while controlling them with your native Android device movement and multitouch input.

There is a seamless integration between your Android device and your desktop computer, while you can enjoy the increased storage space on the latter. Furthermore, this integration extends even into your OS desktop: You can launch your favorite Android apps right from there.

Andy Android Emulator Requirements

You need at least a dual core processor, with an enabled hardware virtualization engine (called AMD-vt or Intel VT-x, depending on your processor brand).  You will also need at least 3Gb of ram and 20Gb of hard disk space. On the graphics side you’ll need to have an OpenGL ES  2.0 compliant graphic card.

Last -but not least- what Andy Android Emulator won’t require, is your money, as it is free.

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