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AndroVM is a ready-to-go Android on PC

AndroVM is a free prepackaged virtual machine ready to run Android on PC by using a provided Virtual Machine player. IF you already like to play with virtual machines, you may also try to import AndroVM -which is packaged in the Open Virtualization Format– into your virtualization software of choice. We tried it on our VMWARE FUSION, and after issuing a warning about a non 100% compliant OVF (Open Virtualization Format) it ended up running fine. The AndroVM package we tested included Google Apps and Google Play Market.

AndroVM Functionality

AndroVM Android on PCThe guys at AndroVM seems to be actively churning out new versions while adding features. At the time of this writing, we can definitely attest on AndroVM maturity and functionality.  You will find  Android 4.1.1 version inside current virtual machine package (dated 2013022)  including seamless mouse integration, software and hardware OpenGL, and extra niceties provided that you use their  virtual machine player, dubbed AndroVMplayer.

This freely downloadable virtual machine player is available for Windows,Linux  and MAC OS. It is a finely tuned wrapper, which will let you configure resolution and DPI, as check up on hardware OpenGL availability, before starting to run the Android on PC virtual macine.

AndroVM packaged ready to run Android machines currently come in several flavors, depending on the hardware you want to emulate, as in phone, tablet, or hybrid configuration, either with or without Google Apps. If you are looking into running Android on your PC, side to side with your actual OS, AndroVM, including the preinstalled Android OS and it’s virtual machine player will do the trick.

One thought on “AndroVM

  1. Er. vivekk yadav

    dear friend
    i facing problem in turning on bluetooth since my app requires bluetooth compatibility. and i am having desktop with no bluetooth.

    will you suggest any app/way that passes or create fake bluetooth in androvm.


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