Android PC on a Stick with a Twist

By | July 9, 2012

iPPea TV: MIPS based Android PC on a Stick

ippea Android PC on a stick

A new Android PC on an USB stick solution, the iPPea TV runs Android 4.0.3. and comes with a price tag of  only U$S 50. We can only awe ourselves at this little wonder, which manages to yet again lower the price -if only for a couple of bucks- for  the rather  new “Android PC on USB STICK” niche gadgets.

This new micro Android PC comes with a Twist, too: It is MIPS based, instead of ARM. In case you start wondering, it is a different processor architecture. Let us be clear about it: The fact that this little wonder is delivering the Android experience from a MIPS processor is no minor detail: Sadly enough, when confronting this new Android PC “on a stick” with the real “apps and games world” we may find out that it can run only a fraction of the software that is readily available for other “common” ARM based Android machines.

We can debate about the theory behind MIPS and ARM architectures, and we may even be bold enough to say that MIPS is better, but by the end of the day the only thing that will matter is if the little thingy can handle the usual apps and games on our Tv.

Ippea TV: What is inside this Android PC ?

This Android PC is powered by a MIPS  1.2Ghz JZ4770 processor. It includes WiFi connectivity on b/g/n bands, comes with 2Gb of flash memory embedded in it and a micoSDHC slot for memory expansion.  According to iPPea, the company behind this new Android PC, it can handle 1080p video just fine. The guys from iPPea included a nice video depicting the ins and outs of their tiny Android PC on their website, which we extend for your viewing pleasure in here:

By now, the iPPea Website is open for you to pre-order  one of these. They promise to start shipping the first batch of iPPea Android PC “on a stick” by the end of July 2012.

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