Android on Samsung Laptop

By | May 4, 2012

Android on Samsung Laptop SENS R60+

This clever guy, nicknamed ‘leemgs’ on youtube, uploaded a video about his ongoing personal project of getting a fully working Android on Samsung Laptop model SENS R60+.  The video seems legit, and according to the other videos that he already depicts on his youtube account, we can say that he is really into Android and general software coding. A true hacker, in the nicest possible definition, he definitely deserves our kudos. He managed to port the full Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 source code into Intel x86 structure, including several devices, like Wired and wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Sound, Camera,Graphics and USB 2.0.

Performance of Android on Samsung Laptop

Leemgs reports that his Android on Samsung laptop proved to be sufficiently useful when evaluated against convenience, performance and mobility factors.  He addded the interesting fact that battery health is better on Android than the other operative systems he tested on his laptop, including Windows 7 and Linux.  On a side note, at this moment he has not included Android market (or Google Play) on his Android on Samsung Laptop version, but we already know that installing it will be not that difficult.

As bottom line, Leemgs is still working on his version of Android on Samsung laptop. When asked by us about getting a copy of his work, he answered that surely it will be available as soon as he rounds up his work, which will be sooner or later, as he is dedicating his free time to this project.  We follow with interest his ongoing work, and we hope to give you good news about this new Android on Samsung laptop version.

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