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By | May 17, 2012

YouWave is another Android on PC emulator

YouWave Android on PC emulatorYouWave is an Android on PC emulator created by a small but talented startup company from Silicon Valley. You may check the video below to see YouWave performance. This Android on PC emulator is somewhat resembling to the original emulator which came with the Android SDK, but once you’ve seen YouWave in action, and specially if you have grown used to the original one from the SDK,  you will be definitely blown away by YouWave speed and ease of use. The bottom line:  YouWave seems to be ages ahead when comparing it with the official Android emulator.

YouWave on details

Bad news first: Definitely a caveat for some of you out there, YouWave supports only Android 2.3 “Gingerbread”, and runs only over Windows based machines.

On the Plus side, it includes functionality for a simulated SD Card, which among other things allows for game scores and level saving.  This Android on PC emulator also includes a “dynamic” rotating, allowing you to rotate the emulator screen from its control panel. You can also save your virtual machine in any state, and then later resume it again, which is very convenient. The control panel can be retracted into hidden state, or expanded in order to reach its functionality.

YouWave is free, but need to periodically renew an activation key, which may be seen as a hassle to you. To get rid of this activation cycle, you may purchase a permanent activation key for U$S 14,99, and thus also collaborate with YouWave development team.

6 thoughts on “Android on PC with YouWave

  1. Daniël

    What is the activation key or code for YouWave Android for PC?
    Because i don’t have the cash to pay on my PC.

    1. Android on PC Post author

      You may use any other emulator, like bluestacks or even Google’s Android emulator which comes inside Android SDK, both of them entirely free. If you find YouWave useful, and you do not want to periodically renew its activation code, you will have to pay (it is less than 15 U$S) for their efforts. We are not helping you to circumvent such payment!

  2. Martin

    I download a video file by tubemate and save it to
    \mnt\sdcard\video , how can I copy the file to my
    computer’s hard disk? I can not find out the video
    file in my computer that I download !

    1. Android on PC Post author

      Martin, What kind of Android device are you using ? if you are using an Android device which is connected through USB into your computer, then you must first switch on USB file sharing in your Android, in order to see your Android Memory from your PC.


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