MK802 Android Micro PC

By | May 20, 2012

MK802 Android Micro PC: Your Android Engine on a stick

Android Micro PC MK8021

The Android Micro PC is yet another interesting way of getting a working Android on PC, or eventually unplug it from your computer and carry it on your pocket. The Android Micro PC is very similar in size and shape as an USB Pendrive. Inside its  pendrive-like casing you will find a powerful Android 4 ICS operative system, including WIFI, a multicore graphics co-processor, plenty of ram and a nice 1.5Ghz main processor. When you plug it into your main PC, you can access it remotely using your computer screen, keyboard and mouse, or if you plug it directly into your TV, you can convert it into a smart TV on steroids thanks to the included HDMI port.

Android Micro PC technical details

This Android micro PC “on a stick” is powered through its USB port, including another USB port on it’s side (micro USB). This second USB port accepts OTG and also can be used as Host expansion. On the opposite end includes an HDMI port (the retail package includes the HDMI cable). As a memory expansion, it accepts microSD cards up to 32 Gigabytes.

On the inside, the Android Micro PC is fueled by a Cortex A8 Allwinner A10 processor running at 1.5 Ghz. The graphics are handled by a MaLi GPU. It is powerful enough to handle high definition video, including 1080p and 2160p streams. On the memory side, it includes 512Mb of RAM and 4Gb of storage memory.

This is not the first Android “on a stick” we heard about … but it is the first one to be out on the market for real. And it’s price is about right: U$S 75 including free shipping to USA. You may find it in AliExpress (search for it with the string “model#mk802”). We are certain that this is but only the first of these kind of products to reach the market. Give this “new” Android micro PC niche some months and you may probably see its price halved. the bottom line is that  the Android Micro PC is yet another way to get an Android machine up and running at full speed and concurrently with your host OS, in your PC.

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