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Acer Jumps into Android on PC Wagon

The new ACER AIO Android on PC

This new Android on PC from ACER certainly raises the ante on the Android game. This ACER AIO model DA220HQL has been introduced into the market. The official data about this very appealing AIO Android on PC includes a 21.5 inches LCD touchscreen, 1 Gb RAM and 8 or  16 Gb of memory. The price tag at Bestbuy at the time of this writing on their online store is about USD 400, which sounds appealing too. Certainly a bold move into desktop computing for Android, by one of the biggest consumer computer hardware companies in the world.

What is the correct mind frame for this Android device ? Well, “a big tablet” might fit the bill. Of course, it comes with Google Play Store pre-installed. But as some early users rant on their reviews, it seems that not all the apps are present in there. They mention Spotify as one of the missing apps. It wont run Flash content (as happens with almost every recent Android Device). On the other side, you will find Netflix. Proven that you may first test-drive this Android on PC from Acer and verify that all the apps and games you may need are already in place on the Google Play Store, then it may end up being a better purchase than a 10 inch tablet, while keeping the price on the same ballpark.

Acer Android on PC

Acer AIO Android on PC Specs

Behind the full HD resolution 21.5 incles tactile LCD, you will get a 1Ghz Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 processor. Listed on the product specs, we also find a webcam, bluetooth, wifi, a wireless keyboard and a mouse. Quite the package. Definitely worth the money Acer asks for it’s AIO Android on PC. On top of all the nifty hardware you will find Android 4.0 operative system at your fingertips.

Dell’s Project Ophelia

Dell and Ophelia

Dell jumps into the Android on PC niche with project Ophelia. Although the project label infuses a certain grandeur aura into this Dell thingy, at the end of the day  Ophelia is yet another Android on a stick. Promised to be released on July 2013, the Dell Ophelia depicts the usual array of goodies under the hood, as well as I/O connectors. Cased inside a pen drive sized plastic shell, the only significative differencing mark seems to be the well known Dell Branding.

Dell Project Ophelia

Dell’s market angle for project Ophelia is as an inexpensive alternative  to Tablets and PC: They argue that your HD or HDTV will perfectly serve as a simple Internet Workstation, while also infusing it with extended multimedia and gaming capabilities due to the Dell’s Ophelia Android 4.1.2  preinstalled inside it. On the other side – Dell is also talking about giving Ophelia an enterprise twist, marketing it as a pocket sized client, including tools like their DELL WYSE Cloud Client Manager.

Inside Dell Ophelia

Our main concern with Dell Ophelia is how will such a cheap and small looking casing will cope with heat management. Heat dissipation has been the main stress fact for devices like this. Anyway, at this early time, there are several blank spaces on the specs side for Dell’s Ophelia, due to it’s  “project” status. The information that Dell disclosed can be summarized a follows:

The Dell Ophelia is powered by a dual core Cortex A9  SOC (“system on a Chip”) processor, clocked at 1.6 Ghz. Memory-wise, it comes with 8Gb of flash ram dedicated to Storage, where you will place your Apps and Games. The Dell Ophelia also includes a microSD slot for storage memory expansion purposes. On the wireless connectivity side it includes WI-FI and Blutooth capabilities.

A standard sized HDMI connector protrudes from one end of it, allowing for easy connection into your TV or Monitor.This HDMI interfase comes with MHL support, so if your TV is MHL compatible, the Ophelia will be powered thru the HDMI interfase, dismissing the need of an external power supply.

In a recent press interview, Dell placed  a USD 100 ballpark for their Ophelia device, which -at this time- definitely sounds like a bit on the expensive side for an “Android on a stick”. Since Ophelia details are yet to be fine-tuned, we hope that the extra money is really worth it.


 MiiPC Mini Android PC for Kids

In a novel twist over the Android on PC arena (at least for now), MiiPC Mini Android PC starts as a kickstarter project, capitalizing on parent’s fear of leaving their kids on the wild over Internet. Similar in proposal as the Nabi Tablet, this Android mini computer proposes an enhanced set of parental controls promising safe browsing over the net, coupled with some educational tools  for our little ones.

This might be a cool mini computer for elementary school students perfectly capable of helping with their homework while keeping a close eye on them by providing a safe surfing environment. The MiiPC runs on Android 4.2 Jellybean which also -by now- is the most versatile Android framework available. If you are interested in getting  a MiiPC then the initial cost on the kickstarter campaign webpage is USD 99, which is a nice price, considering the extra work on the parental twist and the nice casing design with the depicted green ghost light. Be also prepared to wait, as the first MiiPC units are scheduled to get into the street sometime around third quarter, 2013.

MiiPC Android Mini PC

MiiPC Hardware

The MiiPC Android mini PC is rather unimpressive, hardware wise. Yet, it is enough power to tackle the usual Android tasks. Powered by a Marvell Armada dual core processor, running at 1.2 Ghz, the MiiPC includes 1gb of RAM and 4Gb of Flash memory. The MiiPC also includes an SD slot for flash memory expansion.

Networking-wise, the MiiPC comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 interfase, the usual wifi 802.11 b/g/n wireless network, and -nice touch- an ethernet port. Worth mentioning, the MiiPC includes a speaker and microphone jack, and HDMI (1080p) port and usb 2.0 ports.


Allwinner A20 inside

New Android mini PC based on Allwinner A20 processor

This new processor Allwinner A20 is the successor of the oldish Allwinner A10, which has been used inside chinese tablets for some time, by now, given it’s low pricing, and usable performance. Anyway, just keep things in perspective, this is a low cost, chinese processor. When evaluated in dependability and performance, the Allwinner processor family niche is among chinese tablets.

One of the main differences between the Allwinner A10 and A20 is that the Allwinner A20 is dual core, while the Allwinner A10 has only one core. This means better processing, yes, and a necessary upgrade for the Allwinner brand to continue rolling along. They also introduced another processor, the Allwinner A31 into the game, which has four cores.

It was only a matter of time, given the fact that the Allwinner A20 processor is also pin to pin compatible with the Allwinner A10, for new Android mini PC -both in Stick and mini box configurations- to adopt this new processor.

Allwinner A20 Android Media PC

A20 Media PC and A20 Media Stick  with Allwinnner A20

Creativity almost paramount on the chinese market, we just received word about these two new Android on PC products, perfectly self described by their names. Of course, both include the Allwinner A20 processor. The A20 Media PC is an apple TV sized box including a standard HDMI port, ethernet port and an analogue video port, which may be ideal for turning your TV into an Android computer, aiming as a family-ish workstation,  and / or a reasonably powerful media player.

Both Android mini PC includes one gigabyte of ram, Android 4.2 preinstalled, and MaLi 400 graphics coprocessor allowing up to 2160p HD video. You will be able to track these two Allwinner A20 pased Android mini PC on the usual chinese stores by the time of this writing.

Droid TV T5

Droid TV T5 Android mini PC packs a punch

This new Droid TV T5 Android mini PC is a perfect example about the ongoing tech battle  aiming to fit the most features inside new Android mini computers. We just seen such an example of some hefty memory bump on the S21H Android Stick . This new Android TV Box is yet one further step with it’s nice additions:

droid tv t5

The Droid TV T5 is the first Android mini PC we know of that includes a webcam on it’s case. In search of a better Android TV top box, the Droid TV T5 developers got the -right on spot- idea of including a 2 megapixels camera coupled with a microphone, perfect for some skype couch sessions.  This welcome addition is not alone: The Droid TV T5 includes other surprises, like both HDMI and VGA video ports. Definitely, the Droid TV T5 packs a punch.

Droid TV T5 Specifications

Powered by an Allwinner A10 CPU, int includes 1Gb of RAM and 4Gb of flash ram.  THe Droid TV T5 comes preloaded with Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich including the Google Play store client, so you won’t find yourself  lacking for apps and games to throw inside it.

Other complementing specs of this nice Android TV BOX are the included WIFI 802.11 N/G/B and an RJ45 ethernet port. On the audio side you will find an S/pdif output and an earphone port. The Droid TV T5 includes also 2 USB 2.0 ports, and an SD Card slot.

On the pricing side, at this time you can find the Droid TV T5 on chinese stores like aliexpress for about USD 83, which seems quite a nice price, considering the interesting additions this tv box si throwing into the deal.

S21H Android Stick PC

S21H Android Stick is a nice surprise for Android on PC

Fear not, the S21H Android Stick is here to give you more! Things’ve been very quiet on the Android on PC and Android PC sticks arena lately as specs managed to keep around the sweet spot of the 1gb RAM / dual Core processor and the usual I/O options. But then we hear  about a new stick on town: S21H Android Stick!

S21H Android Stick

At simple view, it seems to be packaged in a slim sleek brownish aluminium casing reminiscent of an Apple TV remote control. Nice and smart enough, even when viewed from the heat dissipation angle.  Then it’s specs jump at us with the big differentiator: The S21H Android Stick comes with twice the RAM as the older Android Sticks on the market. It includes 2Gb of RAM!. This makes us shiver thinking of the price, but then again fear not, the S21H Android Stick has a 70 USD price tag, which is about the same as competition.

S21H Android Stick Specs

The usual stuff is included in the S21H Android Stick including WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and bluetooth network connectivity. On the processor side, a dual core A9 Cortex will churn your data efficiently, and it will be output through an HDMI connector, located at one end of the S21H Stick allowing you to plug it directly into your TV / Monitor Set. The S21H Android Stick also includes a full size USB 2.0 Port and a microSD expansion card slot, although it includes 8gb of internal Flash memory for your initial storage needs.

The S21H Android Stick comes with Android Jelly Bean installed, which is a nice option as it is the newest Android Operative System Version out there, at the time of this writing.