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Android on PC with YouWave

YouWave is another Android on PC emulator

YouWave Android on PC emulatorYouWave is an Android on PC emulator created by a small but talented startup company from Silicon Valley. You may check the video below to see YouWave performance. This Android on PC emulator is somewhat resembling to the original emulator which came with the Android SDK, but once you’ve seen YouWave in action, and specially if you have grown used to the original one from the SDK,  you will be definitely blown away by YouWave speed and ease of use. The bottom line:  YouWave seems to be ages ahead when comparing it with the official Android emulator.

YouWave on details

Bad news first: Definitely a caveat for some of you out there, YouWave supports only Android 2.3 “Gingerbread”, and runs only over Windows based machines.

On the Plus side, it includes functionality for a simulated SD Card, which among other things allows for game scores and level saving.  This Android on PC emulator also includes a “dynamic” rotating, allowing you to rotate the emulator screen from its control panel. You can also save your virtual machine in any state, and then later resume it again, which is very convenient. The control panel can be retracted into hidden state, or expanded in order to reach its functionality.

YouWave is free, but need to periodically renew an activation key, which may be seen as a hassle to you. To get rid of this activation cycle, you may purchase a permanent activation key for U$S 14,99, and thus also collaborate with YouWave development team.

Install Android Emulator on PC

The Official Android Emulator

Android emulatorAs you may know or even guess, the official Android emulator comes from the hands of no other than Google itself. Installing this emulator will allow you to run one or more instances of Android on PC, each one inside a window, in an isolated stand alone virtual Android machine. The installation and configuration process is rather cumbersome, requiring  lots of steps and hard disk space.

This Android Emulator is mainly used by Android deveolopers, in order to test their Apps on their development computer, because it comes integrated with the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) including readily available debugging and customizing options, much needed by them to test each App into different Android operative systems and environments.

Caution: As you can infer by now, this Android Emulator installation and configuration requires a bit of expertise. Continue reading

Running Android on PC with Bluestacks

bluestacks android on pcRun your Apps and games for Android on PC with Bluestacks

Bluestacks can be best explained as “an Android Apps and Games player for your PC“.  In short,once you download and install Bluestacks into your windows PC computer, notebook, netbook or even tablet,   it will allow you to run Android Apps and games either inside a window or at full screen. Just like that, with no modifications whatsoever, you get your favorite Android software readily available on your PC.  Sounds miraculous enough! Kudos to Bluestacks developers. Continue reading