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By | July 1, 2012

Apps and Games from Android on MAC

Android on MAC

Thanks to Bluestacks now you can also run your favorite apps and games intended for Android on MAC PC. Bluestacks Android on PC emulator has just crossed into Apple domain, liberating their users from their quite closed apps and games ecosystem into the frenzy of Google Play Store!

Right now you are able to download and install an “early” alpha version of Bluestacks Android on PC emulator for your MACBOOK AIR, MACBOOK PRO, MAC PRO, etc. This Android on MAC emulator is free, just as it’s older brother, which microsoft based users are enjoying since months ago.

Android on MAC is a good thing

“This new channel for distribution of Apps and Games into Android on MAC is a good thing”  comments a mainstream Android developer, “as it allows us to reach into a new batch of users which are educated on spending more money, until today into  Apple’s App Store”. In short, Bluestacks Android on MAC emulator is certainly a valid and elegant way to run Android software on your MAC PC.

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