Android Mini PC: The Heat is On!

By | August 28, 2012

The Heat Problem on Android Mini PC

Android Mini PC Heat SinksBy now, you can find a plethora of different Android Mini PC devices on the market, as they seem to fulfill a most attractive road for the geek inside all of us:

You may run your favorite games and apps inside those minuscule, almost pen drive sized Android mini PC devices. A typical Android Mini PC shall cover a wide range of niches, as they typically include WIFI, HDMI and even USB OTG capabilities couple with relatively powerful CPUs and GPUs, while keeping the price tag (well) under U$S 100.

The Android mini PC is marketed as the answer to your search for the perfect media player, media presenter, controller, or ubiquitous micro desktop computer. But incredibly enough,  there is a caveat, a design aspect that was left out of the drawing boards, and we submit to you that this is not a minor problem:

Android Mini PC HEAT

The heat dissipation may not prove enough when the small -yet powerful- Android Mini PC are running your apps and games on 1080p resolution through your living room TV. This might end up invariably burning out your Android Mini PC!.

Given the ubiquitous usage proposal, which includes  leaving your Android Mini PC turned ON indefinitely behind your TV (as a media player example), coupled with the small casing all these mini PC  are built into, heat might end up adding up into a critical level, finally managing to burn out your Android mini PC components.

Some users are finding out -in the hard way- that their Android mini PC devices burn out after aproximately two weeks of continuos operation, behind their living room TV rigs. This is obviously not acceptable. Some users come up over the net with different heat sink mods for their Andorid Mini PC. Others purchase one of the newer Android mini PC products, like the smartly designed media play box PIVOS XIOS DS which includes nice heat dissipators and a bigger casing factor to efficiently cope with the excess of heat.

So be cautious if you are planning to purchase an Android mini PC and consider the heat problem. You may end up in the need of implementing a heat sink mod, or you may choose carefully for those Android mini PC that actually got a way to dismiss the excess of heat.

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