AMD and BlueStacks Partnering for Android on PC

By | September 30, 2012

AMD starts an App Store for Android on PC

Android on PC AMD and bluestacks app storeAMD and Bluestacks are partnering to offer an App Store for Android on PC. At first this seems to be a curious move. As we understand it, Bluestacks has been for some time in the search for investors and profitable partnerings for their Android on PC emulation layer, which they even ported and refined not only for Windows PC but also for MAC OS, broadening their appeal scope in the market. Bluestacks already managed to get Qualcomm, Citrix and other investors to jump into their wagon, and now AMD also engross their company wallet as a major investor.

Now, Bluestacks announces this partnering with AMD, where both will go a step further, extending their relation into a practical solution, in which AMD establishes an App Store web portal offering what it seems to be  Android on PC apps and games, with the underlying emulation technology from Bluestacks.

Android on PC apps and games from AMD App Store

 Announced four days ago, this Android on PC apps and games download portal is already online, but at the time of this writing, most of the available apps and games are simply links into their developers or third party sources. Only a small percentage of these apps and games are actually available for download. When you download any of these, you are downloading a compressed package that integrates the app or game itself and the AMD’s version of the bluestacks emulation layer.

AMD claims to be very busy converting tons of other Apps with the help of Bluestacks. They aim to get into their portal only those apps and games that will perform well under the Android on PC scenario.

AMD’s Android on PC

AMD’s version of Bluestacks has been pimped up with OpenGL hardware acceleration when an AMD graphics processor is present. This Android on PC solution will also run on generic PCs, without AMD hardware, but probably won’t be as smooth or fast on the graphics side.

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