Allwinner A20 inside

New Android mini PC based on Allwinner A20 processor

This new processor Allwinner A20 is the successor of the oldish Allwinner A10, which has been used inside chinese tablets for some time, by now, given it’s low pricing, and usable performance. Anyway, just keep things in perspective, this is a low cost, chinese processor. When evaluated in dependability and performance, the Allwinner processor family niche is among chinese tablets.

One of the main differences between the Allwinner A10 and A20 is that the Allwinner A20 is dual core, while the Allwinner A10 has only one core. This means better processing, yes, and a necessary upgrade for the Allwinner brand to continue rolling along. They also introduced another processor, the Allwinner A31 into the game, which has four cores.

It was only a matter of time, given the fact that the Allwinner A20 processor is also pin to pin compatible with the Allwinner A10, for new Android mini PC -both in Stick and mini box configurations- to adopt this new processor.

Allwinner A20 Android Media PC

A20 Media PC and A20 Media Stick  with Allwinnner A20

Creativity almost paramount on the chinese market, we just received word about these two new Android on PC products, perfectly self described by their names. Of course, both include the Allwinner A20 processor. The A20 Media PC is an apple TV sized box including a standard HDMI port, ethernet port and an analogue video port, which may be ideal for turning your TV into an Android computer, aiming as a family-ish workstation,  and / or a reasonably powerful media player.

Both Android mini PC includes one gigabyte of ram, Android 4.2 preinstalled, and MaLi 400 graphics coprocessor allowing up to 2160p HD video. You will be able to track these two Allwinner A20 pased Android mini PC on the usual chinese stores by the time of this writing.

Bluestacks partnerships with Lenovo

Bluestacks preinstalled in Lenovo “Idea” consumer line

Bluestacks and LenovoThe guys at Bluestacks firmly believes we need to run Android games and apps on PC. In their search for strategic partnerships, they first shaked hands with AMD, as we commented on a post last year. Now in a nice move Bluestacks managed to get shipped inside Lenovo’s “Idea” consumer line, including their new Ideapad notebooks and netbooks. This move brings  in excess of 750.000 apps and games into those nice Lenovo x86 PCs. Certainly a nice score for Bluestacks and their Android on PC emulator which certainly is welcome by the final user.

Needless to say, Android itself also gets a nice side-benefit on each and every step into new niches, specially given the actual mobile OS war, which now includes Windows RT, a surprisingly stable, fast, and professional tablet OS. -Side note: We actually were quite impressed with our Surface RT tablet (which we actually already sold away)-. Hence, any niche trenching gained in Android is a good move, and needless to say, the Android on PC niche is the somewhat missing mother lode niche.

Bluestacks and Surface PRO tablet ?

While writing the earlier paragraph I got to think: what about installing and running Bluestacks on the (at this time, upcoming) Microsoft’s Surface PRO tablet ? Wouldn’t that be a bold one to achieve ?

Not surprisingly we found out that the guys at Bluestacks are already working along those lines. It seems they’ve been tinkering with their product into fitting specs not only for the Surface PRO (which is after all an x86 windows platform) but also for the Surface RT OS, which runs over ARM processor -just as Android does-.  Both platforms seems -at least on paper- an easy platform achievement for Bluestacks. Time will tell … right now at Bluestacks website you get to download only  the MAC or Windows version of their emulator.



Droid TV T5

Droid TV T5 Android mini PC packs a punch

This new Droid TV T5 Android mini PC is a perfect example about the ongoing tech battle  aiming to fit the most features inside new Android mini computers. We just seen such an example of some hefty memory bump on the S21H Android Stick . This new Android TV Box is yet one further step with it’s nice additions:

droid tv t5

The Droid TV T5 is the first Android mini PC we know of that includes a webcam on it’s case. In search of a better Android TV top box, the Droid TV T5 developers got the -right on spot- idea of including a 2 megapixels camera coupled with a microphone, perfect for some skype couch sessions.  This welcome addition is not alone: The Droid TV T5 includes other surprises, like both HDMI and VGA video ports. Definitely, the Droid TV T5 packs a punch.

Droid TV T5 Specifications

Powered by an Allwinner A10 CPU, int includes 1Gb of RAM and 4Gb of flash ram.  THe Droid TV T5 comes preloaded with Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich including the Google Play store client, so you won’t find yourself  lacking for apps and games to throw inside it.

Other complementing specs of this nice Android TV BOX are the included WIFI 802.11 N/G/B and an RJ45 ethernet port. On the audio side you will find an S/pdif output and an earphone port. The Droid TV T5 includes also 2 USB 2.0 ports, and an SD Card slot.

On the pricing side, at this time you can find the Droid TV T5 on chinese stores like aliexpress for about USD 83, which seems quite a nice price, considering the interesting additions this tv box si throwing into the deal.

S21H Android Stick PC

S21H Android Stick is a nice surprise for Android on PC

Fear not, the S21H Android Stick is here to give you more! Things’ve been very quiet on the Android on PC and Android PC sticks arena lately as specs managed to keep around the sweet spot of the 1gb RAM / dual Core processor and the usual I/O options. But then we hear  about a new stick on town: S21H Android Stick!

S21H Android Stick

At simple view, it seems to be packaged in a slim sleek brownish aluminium casing reminiscent of an Apple TV remote control. Nice and smart enough, even when viewed from the heat dissipation angle.  Then it’s specs jump at us with the big differentiator: The S21H Android Stick comes with twice the RAM as the older Android Sticks on the market. It includes 2Gb of RAM!. This makes us shiver thinking of the price, but then again fear not, the S21H Android Stick has a 70 USD price tag, which is about the same as competition.

S21H Android Stick Specs

The usual stuff is included in the S21H Android Stick including WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and bluetooth network connectivity. On the processor side, a dual core A9 Cortex will churn your data efficiently, and it will be output through an HDMI connector, located at one end of the S21H Stick allowing you to plug it directly into your TV / Monitor Set. The S21H Android Stick also includes a full size USB 2.0 Port and a microSD expansion card slot, although it includes 8gb of internal Flash memory for your initial storage needs.

The S21H Android Stick comes with Android Jelly Bean installed, which is a nice option as it is the newest Android Operative System Version out there, at the time of this writing.

Mini TV Android PC Jesurun

Jesurun Android PC has nice specs (for USD 66)

Another dual core Cortex A9 RK3066 based Android Mini PC emerges from the chinese hardware churning factories. Quite similar to earlier reviewed RK3066 models, it reads as a solid performer.

Mini TV Android on PC Jesurun

As we find out, the “brand” Jesurun comes with some tradition behind, as there have been -rather obscure- earlier models purposing Android 2.2 onwards OS over different hardware bases, over this last year. Their latest iteration on Android Mini PC solutions includes Android 4.1 preinstalled, the usual 3D and 2D graphics and video performance and expansion ports.

Anyway, the guys responsible for the Jesurun line of Android on a Stick PCs did surely place their efforts on the right path by embracing a -by now- proved RK3066 based Android solution.

What’s inside the Jesurun Mini TV Android on PC ?

At the risk of being repetitive, we can find the usual stuff inside this nice Android on PC stick. For a start, it includes a Mali quadcore GPU 400, which enables almost any game to run smoothly enough. It comes with 1 gb of DDR3 ram and 8gb of flash ram for storage purposes, accepting up to 32 Gb of extra flash ram through it’s microSD slot. On the network side, you will find a b/g/n WIFI adapter (capable of up to 150mbits /s on its N mode). You can plug an USB hub into the USB port included, and connect through it a standard USB mouse, keyboard, webcam, etc.

In order to connect this small Android on a Stick PC to your TV, you will use the Mini HDMI female host port. As the chinese brochure infers, the Jesurun comes with Google Play Store access.

MK803 Mini PC for Android

MK803 Android mini PC is here

MK803 Android Mini PC

The MK803 is a yet another new version of Android Mini PC from the guys at Miniand, apparently based on the success of the earlier MK802 model. At the time of this writing, we are quite confused with the MK8XX family of Android Mini PC. Are they all from the same OEM place ? Do they actually share any kind of parenting lineage ? Or is it just a marketing move, to name them as successors of a particularly known Android Mini PC as it was the original MK802 ?

Just in case you are wondering, at first it was the MK802. Then an MK802 II model surfaced from remote chinese waters. After that, and jumping into the bagon of the RK3066 dual core procesor, we announced the MK806 model. Now we are getting acquainted with the MK803 model, which seems to suffer from a rather odd model numbering scheme. At  USD 79, it seems to be on the price range for these kind of Android Mini PC, maybe a bit on the upper side of such scale.

Inside the MK803 Mini PC

This new MK803 Android Mini PC model is based on the Amlogic AML8726-M3 Cortex A9 processor which throws some light into linux compatibility, although it cames with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich preinstalled. This by no means there is actually a Linux version for this new device, but at least there is hope (as in REAL hope). The MK803 processor runs at a nice 1.5 Ghz clock speed.

The amount of ram is rather mundane, 1Gb of RAM, accompanied by 4Gb of flash storage available for storing apps and games. It also includes a microSD slot which can be used to expand the storage capacity. On the video side, the MK803 includes an HDMI output port, an USB 2.0 port. On the connectivity side, the MK803 includes a built in 802.11 B/G/N wifi adapter.